An event about the crossover between poetry and film

Cinepoetry was an event exploring the different relationships that poetry and film can form. It showcased the work of three artists who’s practice travels between poetry and film. A series of animation projects were shown as an introduction to the event and the evening was closed with a panel discussion on the merging of genres. It took place on the 5th of February 2016 at The PAD.

Cinepoetry’s structure allows the audience to see the two disciplines progressively converge through an animation project followed by the work of three hybrid practitioners.

It starts with animations taken from the 2015 collection of ‘En Sortant de L’école’, produced by Tant Mieux Prod, which illustrate poems. It goes on to showcase the work of three artists who are both poets and film-makers.

Tyrone Lewis’s poetry is strongly influenced by film. He often uses film quotes as starting points and his poems contain multiple film references. His documentary ‘New Shit’ explores the London poetry open mic scene. These two sides of his practice offer two examples linking film and poetry: poems inspired by film and a film featuring and discussing poetry.

In Ariadne Radi Cor’s films and ‘Long Photographs’, poetry and film start to fuse. Her works’ poetic images, their experimental nature, the dialogue she installs between subtitles and voice-over, are a second and more conceptual response to the event’s question.
Eta Dahlia then presents different strands of his cinematic work including a project which aims to install a balance whereby the film becomes the poem and the poem becomes the film.

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Cinepoetry as an event was created to showcase the unique selection of works. Each of them presents the relationship between lm and poetry in its own way. The style of works varied from lm to animation and the challenge of identity and promotion was to unite and summa- rize the theme without dominating over the visual style of works. As the medium of presented pieces was moving image, the additional di culty was to represent such works on print without bluntly showing the stills from said videos.
The resulting identity is inspired by one of the brightest works pre- sented, an animation-poem by Eta Dahlia and features the morphing color splatter, creating a framework for the art pieces, without domi- nating over them. The combination of the bright image and intelligent typography represents the event and every poet in it in a clear and attractive manner, creating expectations and mystery for visitors.
The main promotion materials are represented by a set of posters, yers and the website. Key visual and the logo joined together in a generative identity framework help to create an unlimited amount of medium speci c compositions. This tool serves well as a presentation background at the event, as well as in a variety of other print and digital applications.
Cinepoetry collection is a set of cards created to celebrate the event. Each of three cards features one of the poets and their work, together with a biography, while the fourth card gives some context on the event. The collection is set in a simple, yet elegant box. The format is chosen to n in the 12 cm CD, in case such a need arises, however the original set does not include the CD itself, for nancial reasons.
Artistic Director: Iris Colomb
Featured Artists: Tyrone Lewis, Ariadne Radi Cor and Eta Dahlia
Host: The Repeat Beat Poet
Photography: Karoliina Helosuo
Visual Identity: Nik Nightingale