Sharp Edges

An art festival exploring the idea of urban spaces transformation

Urban development transforms the perception of space by people, relationship between the building and the inhabitants, as well as the utility use of the space. Gentri cation creates an ongoing race and desire to transform the buildings and urban spaces, t more various ways to use it, more sense, give a new purpose. Through said develop- ment process many spaces become used in unexpected and creative ways. Railway tracks become gardens, schools and hospitals become apartments, fabrics become art and exhibition spaces. Through repur- posing the urban space gains its unique spirit and atmosphere.

The idea of ‘Sharp Edges’ is to transform the space by provoking the selected artist to experiment with form of the building, not just ll the space with artwork, but use the building as a medium, a part of the creation. By interesting with the building artists will explore, how archi- tectural forms may be converted to art forms.

The title indicate non compromising nature of the happening. ‘Sharp Edges’ — is a warning and a message to people, who appreciate the ambition in creative process. The concept of the event supports the post-punk philosophy aiming not to limit the artists in the conven- tional image space, but to unite them in collaboration on experimental mixed-media experience for both the participants and the visitors.

The format of the two-days festival guarantees the intensity of the experience, which would include mixed media art pieces, interactive happenings, music, poetry and performance art. The event would in fact be the opening for the artistically remodeled space, which would be used after, rather then creating the exhibition space. For this rea- son it is important to organize a short and diverse presentation, rather than an exhibition in a conventional sense.
The brand of Sharp Edges is simple and aggressive. It’s key goal to grab attention, provoke, create a sense of something extreme and attractive. The color scheme is referencing to the warning signs, widely used at industrial facilities. The attractive visuals are created from a range of materials, literally associated with sharp edges — broken glass, knives, broken mirrors. The selection of materials is intended to create a connection with the mixed media art works, pres- ent at the event.

The resulting identity is generative, rich and bold. The examples of the key visuals provided only demonstrate, that the unlimited amount of patterns could be created and a large variety of materials could be used to communicate the values of the event. The logotype itself is created based on the shape of the shards of broken glass and consti- tutes by itself a rough and simple shape.

The visual rules are simple and obvious and could be easily expanded through a number of materials, including print and digital media, such as posters, the website and many more. The venue for the test event is signi cant, as it falls into an idea of repurposed spaces. Originally a warehouse under the Deptford railway bridge, it is now transformed into a trendy bar. This evolution is in tune with the whole developing neighborhood.