Yes And...

Active Participant — involving the audience

Our project is called “yes and”. It is about bringing people together by making them collaborate in a playful way, accepting each other’s propositions and adding to them, much like what happens through improvisation. Their task is to write a coherent collaborative story following random instructions.
The instruction cards will say things like “start a sentence using the word ‘snail’ and end with ‘and’”. They will vary, proposing different words and sometimes connective words. Using those guidelines the participant can add to the story he has read in any way he wants to. A few instruction cards will urge the participant to illustrate the previous sentence.

We are exited to observe not only how people engage with the book, how it makes them interact and what the story will sound like, but also, on a more graphic design level, what the inside of the book will end up looking like. We will chose our line spacing and margins with care and see if the participants are inclined to follow this structure or to ignore it.
Iris Colomb
Nik Nightingale
Karoliina Helosuo
Alex Needham
Ji Lee